Re: Reading a PDF with adobe

Kate Walsh

Thanks for your help.

Adobe is working again.

Have a nice day.

Kate Walsh


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I posted this several weeks ago.

Adobe did something that Broke JAWS, as Vispero tech support said, but it’s easily fixed.

Open Adobe, either from the icon on your desktop, or from the start menu.

Press control-k.

Press s till you hear

Security enhanced.

There is a checkbox that says,

Enable protected mode at startup.  It’s checked.  Press the spacebar to uncheck it.

If you get a warning message, that’s okay.  You need to change this to make it work.

Tab to OK.

Tab to OK again.

Now it works as it should.



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Subject: [jaws-users] Reading a PDF with adobe


Hi All,

I am using JAWS 2018, windows 10 and the free version of adobe reader.

After downing a document, JAWS will say the percentage of the down load and then it just say blank, it won’t read the document.

I know that there is text because my nephew was helping me and he could read everything that was on  the page.

We tried using I E and googol chrome and we got the same results.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

Kate Walsh

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