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JM Casey



Not counterintuitive – are you sure Adobe Reader itself isn’t opening? Of course I can’t be sure but I don’t think iE is reading your pdf files at all.


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As I mentioned previously, I followed another list member's instructions, and was able to get PDF documents to read in IE using Adobe Acrobat.?? On the IE Tools menu, I selected Manage Add-ons -Tool Bars & Extensions.?? I scrolled to?? all Add-ons?? in the combo box and hit space to display allAdd-ons?? and scrolled to Adobe PDF Reader. Using the context menu, I selected disable?? to disable this add-on which was enabled by default.?? I know this sounds counterintuitive, but apparently, the Adobe PDF add-on must be disabled in order for IE to read PDF documents.??





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Hi Gerald,


For others that could possibly be experiencing the same Adobe problem as yourself, how or what did you do to resolve your Adobe issue??? Thanks much.

Take care.?? Mike.?? Sent from my iBarstool.?? Go dodgers!
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Subject: [jaws-users] Setting Home Page In Firefox 67


Well, now that I solved the problem of getting Adobe Acrobat to work
with IE, I discovered that my new Windows 10 computer from Computers for
the Blind came with Firefox 67 already installed.?? I want to make my home page, but I cannot find any option on the
Tools-Options menu to accomplish this.?? Previous versions of Firefox had
an option on the General tab of the options menu to set the home page,
but Firefox 67 seems to have a completely different interface and I
cannot find any way to set the home page.?? Any help would be
appreciated.?? Thanks.


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