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Hi Gerald,
I really wouldn't depend on IE for anything anymore. You'll have to switch eventually.
Your experience really will be better with Google Chrome or perhaps Firefox.
IE is not supportted anymore.
the learning curve might be a little stiff but, better to move on now.
I can't even get my IE to come up anymore. I moved on to Chrome a couple of years ago and its pretty good.
JohnAt 07:00 AM 5/24/2019, you wrote:

It appears that there is noAdobe plug in listed on the IE Add-ons Manager, which explains why IE is unable to read PDF documents. In fact, there are no add-ons listed at all.?? Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat seems to work with Chrome and Firefox, so I guess I will have to use one of these browsers to read PDF documents.?? Are there any other PDF readers that work with IE that are JAWS accessible?


On 5/24/2019 8:10 AM, Douglas C. DeCamp wrote:
The Adobe plug-in needs to be disabled in the internet options - add-ons section.
You probably will have to select all add-ons to find the adobe plug-in. Once disabled IE will go ahead and call the external Adobe reader.
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Using JAWS 2019 with Windows 10, I cannot get Adobe Acrobat to work with IE.?? When I access a PDF document in IE, I get a page with an open parent document button, but when I click on it, nothing happens.?? On the Preferences mdialog, the enable protected mode check box is unchecked.??
What other settings do I need to change to get Acrobat to work with IE???


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