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Mr. Ed

I agree these are great headsets. They are also wireless. You can find them on Amazon. Just type in the search field Logitech H800.

Mr. Ed


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I believe you may be able to do what you want with the Logitek H800 headset. They have the USB dongle and a microphone also. With the switch you can also pair a BT device such as a smart phone. You can be using the headset on the computer but if a phone call comes in, just move the switch to BT and answer the call without even picking up the phone.

The headset is over the ear but I have no problem hearing everything around me me and they are very light weight.

I am not positive about routing Jaws to the headset, but believe it is possible to do this. Check them out.




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Richard, right now I have the main sound card and a usb card strictly for jaws. I just took a pair of ear buds and plugged them into my computer. There is no sound from jaws anywhere .I think I really need the usb. I know that I could change the plug on the usb sound card but would rather just select  in the utility menu


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Aftershokz has bone conduction headphones that are wired, with the standard 3.5 MM plug.

Most USB headphones I've seen are going to block your ears unless you only put them in one ear.

I believe the aftershokz wired ones are around $50 or so.

They are not high fidelity, but if you are mostly focused on listening to JAWS, they would be fine.



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I think USB is not what you would want.

You just need some headphones, like what was mentioned earlier, like a pair of bone conduction headphones.

I have a pair of Afterschox that I use when walking and I can still hear traffic.



From: Lenny McHugh

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Interesting, I called 3 and they had no idea of what I was talking about.


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Absolutely, there are a number of possibilities for you to pick from. Hit the local electronics store and explain to them what you want.


From: Lenny McHugh

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Subject: [jaws-users] usb head phones


Is there a kind of ear bud usb device that I can use for jaws? I want something very light and that I can hear when someone is calling me from downstairs.


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