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Glenn / Lenny

I always change it to ascending, because when you close and delete a message, it moves to the next one.
I found that with descending it does not do that.

From: Larry Volk
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2019 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] outlook email

The way I sort my e-mail list is:

Insert+V then down arrow

right arrow to ‘view settings’ press space bar

Arrow down to sort and press space bar

Here is a list of sort fields, I selected ‘received’ which is the date received field

Right Arrow , here you can set ascending or descending order, I like descending because I like the latest message on top when I come into outlook

Arrow over to ‘ok’ press the enter key

Then arrow down to the ok and press the enter.


Hope this helps you.





From: [] On Behalf Of patti
Sent: May 24, 2019 8:32 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] outlook email


Hey Gang,

I’m running windows 10, MS 2010, and jaws 2019.

All my emails are in alphabetical order.

How do I make the emails come in on the day, like the order that they come in? All the Wednesday are together.

I hope I said this right.

Thanks for any help.




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