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Douglas C. DeCamp

The Adobe reader works fine in IE 11 Win 10. The fact that you are getting the message about Open Parent document says the add-on is installed. It can be tricky to get the list of add-ons to display correctly. A base Win10 IE system should have upwards of 20 add-ons.
Ensure Toolbars and extensions radio button is checked.
Filter should be set to all add-ons.
This is the tricky part because after placing this selection in the combo box you must hit the space bar to actually make the selection.
Once this is done a list of about 20 add-ons should appear in the next list. On mine the Adobe add-on is first in the list. It must be set to disable to prevent Adobe from trying to open the document in the IE session and instead calling the external Adobe program.
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It appears that there is noAdobe plug in listed on the IE Add-ons Manager, which explains why IE is unable to read PDF documents. In fact, there are no add-ons listed at all.?? Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat seems to work with Chrome and Firefox, so I guess I will have to use one of these browsers to read PDF documents.?? Are there any other PDF readers that work with IE that are JAWS accessible?


On 5/24/2019 8:10 AM, Douglas C. DeCamp wrote:
The Adobe plug-in needs to be disabled in the internet options - add-ons section.
You probably will have to select all add-ons to find the adobe plug-in. Once disabled IE will go ahead and call the external Adobe reader.
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Using JAWS 2019 with Windows 10, I cannot get Adobe Acrobat to work with IE.?? When I access a PDF document in IE, I get a page with an open parent document button, but when I click on it, nothing happens.?? On the Preferences mdialog, the enable protected mode check box is unchecked.??
What other settings do I need to change to get Acrobat to work with IE???


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