Re: Jaws and links






now arrow and make your choice,

now shift+tab enter on ok button.


note:  you don't need to delete the e-mail just because a link won't work,

you could always copy the link to clipboard,

take it to your browser, paste into the addressbar, and press enter.

this should get you to the article information.




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Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2019 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Jaws and links


Hi Robin and all,

Thank you for your segestions Robin, however none of those seem to work consistently. Do any of you very knowledgible people know how to set outlook 2013 so that it will process HTML? Look forward to hearing back from anyone who can help me! Thanks



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It’s tough without seeing the articles, but here are the tricks I use for my newsletter emails.


  1. If available, click the link in the email that often says something like, “if this email is not appearing properly, click this link to view in a web browser.”
  2. See if the title of the article is also a link.  In our daily industry newsletter here at work, I find the news story title is a link that works better than the “Read more” link for whatever reason.
  3. Try using the JAWS F7 keystroke to pull up a list of links in the email and activate the link from there.  I realize this may not work well if you end up with this list of links that all say “read more” or such, but you may find is helpful.


Let us know if that helps.



Using Windows 10, JAWS 2019, Office 365

Robin Van Lant



From: <> On Behalf Of Madison Martin
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2019 5:44 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws and links


Hi all,

I have a problem that’s driving me nuts. I am subscribed to a number of newsletters and most of them have links to click on so that you can either read eith the whole story or the rest of the story. My question is:

When I click on a link sometimes it opens but most of the time it doesn’t so I’m wondering, is there some setting or something that I need to change so that when ever I click on a link in one of these newsletters it will open in my browser? I’m using Jaws 15, Windows 7, Outlook 2013 and Internet Explorer. I really hope that someone can help me, lots of the time I end up having to delete the email because I can’t read the story/article that I want to read. Look forward to hearing back from anyone who can help me! Thanks


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