Controlling the PC and Dictating using Voice, not Keyboard

Terrie Terlau

I am working with someone who can’t keyboard because of arthritis in her hands. I want to find the most expedient way for her to control the computer by voice as well as to input documents and in text boxes by dictation. I know that there are one or two third party programs that allow Jaws to work with Dragon to both enter text and control the computer. However, she can’t afford Dragon and another program to make Jaws and Dragon work together. So I have two questions. First, can you use Jaws with the Windows 7 speech to text to control the computer and to type documents? Since it is considered a dictation program, I would imagine you can’t control the PC with it. Second, does anyone know the URL for subscribing to the NVDA email list? I don’t know how much you can control the PC with the NVDA speech module, but would like to find out from the NVDA list. Sorry my second question is a bit off topic. Please answer the second question off list. My email is terrieter@...

Thanks for any help you all can give. I really want to see this person start using the Internet and having email and it breaks my heart that she just can’t keyboard.


Terrie Terlau



Can any of you share any

First, can anyone share the email list subscription link for the NVDA list? Also,

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