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Yo Kimsan,
As Dan and Emile said, if you press, Alt + C, you can tab to both the, Windows and Applications, cleaning options.  After you tab and highlight the, Windows option, tab to, Run CCleaner and press the spacebar or the keystroke, Alt + R.  After the Windows option finishes you can Shift + Tab back to the Windows option and right arrow to the, Applications option, tab to Run CCleaner and press spacebar or Alt + R.  To activate the Registry cleaner option press, Alt + G, and press, Alt + S, to start the scan.  When the registry scan completes Shift + Tab to the list of items found, then press, Control + A, to select all if you want to delete all.  Now tab to, Fix selected issues, and press the spacebar.  A dialogue will pop-up asking if you want to backup the registry before cleaning, so press the spacebar on the, Yes, button and press, Alt + S, to save a backup of the registry.  Now tab a couple of times to, Fix all selected issues, and pres the spacebar.  When this finishes you'll hear, Checkbox not checked, now route the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor, up arrow 1 time and you'll hear a couple of numbers like, 40 / 40.  This means that 40 issues were found and 40 issues were fixed removed.
Note:  When CCleaner makes the registry backup copy, it is save in your Documents or My Documents folder.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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After opening Ccleaner if you get to the custom clean button and activate it, it will look more like the older version.  The new home screen is definitely not very accessible.





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I installed the latest CCleaner, does anyone have any idea how to use it?

I’m not finding the windows or applications tab, even if I use the touch cursor.

The version ends in 7182. I downloaded the slim version, too.




Kimsan Song



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