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Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi Denise.

When I hit the windows key & started typing JAWS isn't talking anymore. It
does open what I typed but is annoying that there is no speech.
Sometimes with Windows updates, you have to reboot for Cortana and settings to work properly. This explains why you get no speech after pressing the start menu key.

I think Windows did an update because I couldn't do anything on my
computer.>rebooted my computer & it finally told me an update was in progress.

If JAWS spoke this update progress announcement, it means that only features were being updated. If Windows itself were being updated, you would have to launch Narrator to hear the update progress because JAWS can't load until Windows loads.

Is there any way that JAWS could tell you that an update is in progress?
See above. It depends on whether you're getting a feature update or an operating system update. Feature updates can run at boo tup because the operating system has already loaded. So, you'll hear feature update progress spoken by JAWS. But JAWS can't run during operating system updates because Windows hasn't yet loaded.

does ask you if you want to update JAWS now but I think Windows just does it
You can set Windows to restart automatically when an update is ready. You can set it to notify you when the update is ready, or turn that off.

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