Windows update

Denise J Moses

When I hit the windows key & started typing JAWS isn’t talking anymore.  It does open what I typed but is annoying that there is no speech.  I think Windows did an update because I couldn’t do anything on my computer.  I rebooted my computer & it finally told me an update was in progress.  Is there any way that JAWS could tell you that an update is in progress?  It does ask you if you want to update JAWS now but I think Windows just does it automatically.  Does anyone else encounter the Windows key not talking anymore & if so what can I do?

I am using Windows 10.0.17134 & JAWS 2019.1904.60.


Also when I ALT tab JAWS isn’t speaking what program I am in so I have to let go to find out.  Any help please.



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