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Hi Glenn,
I know it was a typo but, to switch from the, Touch cursor, back to the PC cursor, you press the, PC cursor key / Numpad plus key, twice quickly.  the, Shift + PC cursor keystroke only activates the Touch cursor.

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Previously I asked about a CD/DVD copy and burn utility because I could not get the copy I had to install.
So I searched on-line, and the main link I found was CDXP software.
So I downloaded the latest and tried and ran into the same issue, I could not move ahead in the install, like before.
So I turned on the touch cursor and found a window that was wanting me to check a box whether or not I wanted it to also install Yahoo.
I selected no and then next worked.
The Jaws cursor did not read this, and the PC cursor did not either, which the main cursor.
So the way it usually goes is the PC cursor does not do what you think it should do.
So you route the Jaws to the PC and read around and even try to click on something if there seems anything to click on.
And if that fails, before you give up, turn on the touch cursor with shift + PC cursor and arrow around mostly left and right, and you can use the space bar or enter key.
Shift + PC cursor sets it back to the normal PC cursor.
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