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David Bailes

Hi Ulrich,
there is the following guide, though it's more of a reference than a tutorial:

If you have a play and get stuck, there's an Audacity4Blind mailing list, which many people find helpful - details of how to subscribe are in the introduction of the above guide.


On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 09:57 AM, Mike Ulrich wrote:

Hi Mike,

I’ve always wondered about Audacity. Would you know if there’s a good blind tutorial out there; on how to use Audacity with JAWS? I did download the latest version of Audacity and ran through some of the menus, to get a feel for it, but I didn’t understand most of it.

So I’d appreciate it if someone could direct me to a good source for learning how to use this program, with JAWS.

BTW: I’m running W7, J 18 and I think, IE11.


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From: David Bailes

The latest version of Audacity, an open source multi-track audio editor, now works well with the Narrator screen reader. As with previous versions, Audacity also works well with Jaws and NVDA.
Here's a link to Audacity's web site:
A direct link to the installer of Audacity 2.3.2 is:

For previous versions of Audacity, I've written guides to Audacity which were written specifically for Jaws users. However my guide for Audacity 2.3.2 is written for users of all of the three screen readers, Jaws, NVDA, and Narrator, and is available here:

The introduction of the guide gives details of how to subscribe to the Audacity4Blind mailing list.



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