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JM Casey

Yes, I see what you are saying, Rebecca.

In the case of your thumb drive example though, I would probably work more by file size than their numbered order.

I don’t personally see this specific information (IE, one’s position in a numbered list of files) as being terribly valuable, but did Window Eyes always give accurate information about this, regardless of oS and other factors?



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Yes, you can check the status line as you suggest to get the total number of files in a folder.  But sometimes you might want to know that a file was 150 of 300, for example, if you were trying to divide files and had only limited space left, as on a nearly full thumb drive.  Of course you could also select files and do a size check of them all under properties, but the count is just a quick way to “guesstimate” what could go where.

Also, not a criticism, but those of us who used Window-Eyes had this information at our fingertips as we arrowed down through the file or folder list. 

File name, 4 of 69, file name 47 of 69, etc. We did not have to read the current line to get it.  If you didn’t want or need the count, you just arrowed through the list quickly, pressed the first letter of the file name you wanted, or just did a search.  So it was never a verbosity issue.  Narrator gives the count both in terms of the position in what’s on the screen and the position in the total number of files in the folder.   


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Why not just check the status line like I suggested?

Your file count should be there, reported accurately by windows, not JAWS, which – ok, I don’t know how it gets the information re. list views, but again I would suggest that it might have trouble seeing more than what’s already being displayed at times. I’d only be theorising though. However it is a fact that jAWS does not always accurately report the number of items. We should just do what sighted people do though, in this case.



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Thanks for confirming this Jaws flaw regarding accurate file counting.


I have noticed it especially with Windows 10 and Jaws 2019.


I’ll try the Narrator option.


Tom Behler



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You make complete sense. It’s a recognized flaw in JAWS. In some areas, it can count files accurately (think of email messages) but not in others. Rebecca, a contributor to this list, has pointed out that you can get the counts you need by bringing up Narrator. Remember, you open and close Narrator with control-Windows key-enter.


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Subject: [jaws-users] File counting with JAWS


Hello All,


I am sorry, to ask for help with file counting with JAWS, as I have asked before, and cannot find the response I got before.


This is a recurring problem, but not all the time. I have a number of files either in a folder, or on a different drive. But the count will only go up to 33 even if there is over 100. What are the steps to get a full count?


I hope this makes some sort of sense to someone.





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