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Hi, thanks.
Been there done that prior to my message, I should have mentioned all my details.

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Under advanced there is a place to select the scanning device.


If Windows sees your scanner it should be in the list to choose from.  If more than one is listed, try each until one works.





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Using Windows 7 64 and latest Jaws.

I have Open Book installed, but it is not recognizing my Canon Scanner.

It is an N650U.

I tried to find drivers at, but they said that there are no drivers for my OS, that they are not needed.

I looked in control panel scanners and cameras, and it shows up there.

So I'm wondering, Does the latest Jaws have the ability to utilize a scanner to do OCR?

I know I could probably use another program to take a photo and use the Jaws cursor on that, but I would prefer to avoid that extra part.

Otherwise, does anyone know how I can get the OB to find my scanner?





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