Re: File counting with JAWS

JM Casey

Why not just check the status line like I suggested?

Your file count should be there, reported accurately by windows, not JAWS, which – ok, I don’t know how it gets the information re. list views, but again I would suggest that it might have trouble seeing more than what’s already being displayed at times. I’d only be theorising though. However it is a fact that jAWS does not always accurately report the number of items. We should just do what sighted people do though, in this case.



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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] File counting with JAWS




Thanks for confirming this Jaws flaw regarding accurate file counting.


I have noticed it especially with Windows 10 and Jaws 2019.


I’ll try the Narrator option.


Tom Behler



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You make complete sense. It’s a recognized flaw in JAWS. In some areas, it can count files accurately (think of email messages) but not in others. Rebecca, a contributor to this list, has pointed out that you can get the counts you need by bringing up Narrator. Remember, you open and close Narrator with control-Windows key-enter.


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Subject: [jaws-users] File counting with JAWS


Hello All,


I am sorry, to ask for help with file counting with JAWS, as I have asked before, and cannot find the response I got before.


This is a recurring problem, but not all the time. I have a number of files either in a folder, or on a different drive. But the count will only go up to 33 even if there is over 100. What are the steps to get a full count?


I hope this makes some sort of sense to someone.





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