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JM Casey

I don’t know why jAWS doesn’t always give a correct count of items in a list view, but, still, hitting alt-enter on a folder does seem like a better compromise than loading and then unloading narrator to get what you want.

Just my opinion, of course. J…then again, I use this properties keystroke all the time for various purposes, so it’s second-nature to me by now.




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Just to clarify.  You can get the correct file count by turning off JAWS, turning on Narrator (control-windows key-enter in Windows 10) and reading the screen with Narrator.  But for whatever reason, the sheer act of turning on Narrator and turning it off again will often be enough to sort JAWS out, and it will then give  the correct file or folder count, which holds till I turn the computer off. 

But sometimes, when I boot the computer, JAWS gives the correct count without going through the above bother, so I usually check each time and fix it if I need to. So it’s a bug that needs  to be fixed. 


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You make complete sense. It’s a recognized flaw in JAWS. In some areas, it can count files accurately (think of email messages) but not in others. Rebecca, a contributor to this list, has pointed out that you can get the counts you need by bringing up Narrator. Remember, you open and close Narrator with control-Windows key-enter.


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Subject: [jaws-users] File counting with JAWS


Hello All,


I am sorry, to ask for help with file counting with JAWS, as I have asked before, and cannot find the response I got before.


This is a recurring problem, but not all the time. I have a number of files either in a folder, or on a different drive. But the count will only go up to 33 even if there is over 100. What are the steps to get a full count?


I hope this makes some sort of sense to someone.





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