Experimenting With fixing the audio card stopping

Glenn / Lenny

Michael and I have experienced issues with our sound card quitting, as I described it, it sounds like a slow echoee robot and quits working and I have to reboot.
I brought up the jaws menu, I usually enter on the jaws icon on the desktop to bring it up, and I arrowed down to Utilities, right arrowed, and down arrowed to sound card.
Mine had windows default checked.
I tried the realtech one, I had three to choose from, and when I did I had no speech.
So I called up NVDA, Narrator would have worked too, and I repeated the above steps, and I entered on the third one, which was speakers and that one worked.
Hopefully that will stay after my next reboot, and I'll see if this fixes my sound drop out problem.
But don't try this unless you have a way to call up speech from another screenreader if you loose Jaws audio.
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