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I just went into my user account,/documents,

I set the view to details,

went out of the folder, back in, and the right file count was reported.


not sure how long it will last, but it is so right now.




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I don't know what your original answer,  was, but if you press alt + enter on the folder before you open it, you will get the properties of the folder, which should tell you the total size and number of files.


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Subject: [jaws-users] File counting with JAWS


Hello All,


I am sorry, to ask for help with file counting with JAWS, as I have asked before, and cannot find the response I got before.


This is a recurring problem, but not all the time. I have a number of files either in a folder, or on a different drive. But the count will only go up to 33 even if there is over 100. What are the steps to get a full count?


I hope this makes some sort of sense to someone.





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