Re: JAWS Is Crashing My Excel

Evan Reese

Okay, I admit it, I’ve been a bit slow about installing the latest version of JAWS. Guess I’ll have to slap the CD in and install it and then see what happens with my Excel.
Didn’t think it would make a difference though, firstly because Excel is such a basic product that I would have thought JAWS would have settled issues with that long ago, and secondly because my version of Window Eyes wasn’t even the latest version that was released before it was discontinued.
Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough if installing the latest version of JAWS will fix it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] JAWS Is Crashing My Excel

When I first moved to JAWS 2018 from Window Eyes, I was having issues with Excel 2016 crashing when I had large files with pivot tables and/or  filters turned on.  AS I recall, JAWS would go silent and then I may or may not be able to open the continue working with the file without closing it.  I have not noticed this issue since upgrading to JAWS 2019 and do thing there was something about stability improvements for Excel or office overall in a later update to JAWS.  






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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS Is Crashing My Excel



I’m using JAWS 2018, and the version of Microsoft Excel that I got with Office 2013.

I’m using Excel to time chess games with a macro that someone created with clocks that change each time a move is entered.

When running JAWS, every time I try to save the file I’m using, Excel crashes. I get several seconds of silence and then I’m asked if I want to load a recovery file. I’ve tried it four times so far.

I’m sure the issue must be with JAWS and not with Excel. I have never experienced this with Window Eyes. I saved the same file using Window Eyes that was crashing when running JAWS and it worked fine. I’ve timed  90 games with Excel and Window Eyes with no problems.

I need to start using JAWS more and more as Window Eyes becomes less usable with an increasing number of programs, so I need to figure out what’s going on with my JAWS and Excel spreadsheet.

Anybody heard of this before and has an idea?

Thanks for any advice.


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