JAWS Is Crashing My Excel

Evan Reese

I’m using JAWS 2018, and the version of Microsoft Excel that I got with Office 2013.
I’m using Excel to time chess games with a macro that someone created with clocks that change each time a move is entered.
When running JAWS, every time I try to save the file I’m using, Excel crashes. I get several seconds of silence and then I’m asked if I want to load a recovery file. I’ve tried it four times so far.
I’m sure the issue must be with JAWS and not with Excel. I have never experienced this with Window Eyes. I saved the same file using Window Eyes that was crashing when running JAWS and it worked fine. I’ve timed  90 games with Excel and Window Eyes with no problems.
I need to start using JAWS more and more as Window Eyes becomes less usable with an increasing number of programs, so I need to figure out what’s going on with my JAWS and Excel spreadsheet.
Anybody heard of this before and has an idea?
Thanks for any advice.

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