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I remember having an issue with stuttering speech where one of the the solutions was to make sure the processor was able to run at full capacity. Even on battery power. This was with a laptop.

I had a problem with my old Dell Vostrow Windows 7 laptop where stuttering got bad. I don’t remember the exact steps anymore, but I do recall having to hunt around online forums and finally coming across a fix that involved registry tweaks. Not ideal and certainly not recommended if you’re not comfortable doing that sort of thing, but low and behold at that time, it worked.

Good luck.



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Memory should not be the problem for most things.

I have a laptop with only two gig of RAM and it runs well.

I think that the more programs we install, whether they are running or not, slow down a computer.

As soon as I get all my data backed up, I plan on reinstalling Windows 7 on this computer.

Although that may not be the cause of this issue, it may exacerbate the problem.


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Your system is a little lite on memory, but I wouldn’t say for sure that is the reason for the problem. I had this issue a long time ago and if memory serves it had something to do with sound card drivers.


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Hi Rick i have usually only IE and thunderbird open and 4 gig of ram.

cheers Michael.

On 13/5/19 9:11 pm, Rick Justice wrote:

Hi Michael,
When this problem occurs, how many programs or windows do you have open?
Also, how much ram is installed on your system?
Rick Justice
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Hi Tom i am not sure if your sound issue is same as mine.
I have had an issue off and on for about 2 years now on only 2 of my
cheaper Laptops.
My issue is out of the blue jaws will be talking fine then all of a
sudden jaws witll get really reverby and little un responsive.
And i need to do a restart of my computer and the sound is all back to
But my issue can happen 3 times in half hour.
Or it may not stuff up for days.
2 years ago i did a total reinstalled windows 10 on 1 machine and it
fixed it for ages.
Then few months back it started up again.
Each time this happens i have found under my reliability history in win
10 tells me their was a error saying windows host process has stopped
working or not responding and had to close.
I have had stacks of thoes errors come up.
Most reports have been reported to Microsoft but no fixes.
And i have reinstalled the realteck audio drivers lots of times by
uninstalling drivers under devices.
So i am frustrated as well.
I have 3 dearer laptops with Realteck sound cards and never had a
problem with them.
I feel its something to do with the drivers.
Cheers Michael.
On 13/05/2019 12:39 am, Tom Behler wrote:
Hello, everyone.
You may recall that last week, I had a Jaws distorted speech problem
with my Dell Windows 10 computer.
The problem was fixed by uninstalling the Windows generic sound card
driver and replacing it with a realtech driver thanks to an executable
file from Mike Mote.
Unfortunately, my problem has returned, but in a different form.
My jaws speech is slightly distorted in the laptop speakers, and when
I use headphones, I get stereo sound with a slight reverberation,
rather than Jaws being in the center of the headphones.
Does anyone have any suggestions for solving this latest issue?
I’m using the latest build of Jaws 2019.
Thanks as always.
Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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