Re: Help for a Friend: Issue with G Mail & Outlook


perhaps this may help.

ok, first what you may try is;

1, while in a message,
use the keystroke,
you should hear;
control, and tables,
another press you should hear;
smart navigation off.

Also in outlook,
I believe it's best to have the folderview on,
the reading pane set to off,
also, you can have show in groups off.
now your messages are in a big list, not sort by date,/groups.

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Subject: [jaws-users] Help for a Friend: Issue with G Mail & Outlook

Hello Everyone,

I have been a Member for a short time. A friend of mine who is also blind
is having a problem with his E-mail. I'm pretty resourceful but could not
find any solutions for him, for folks using screen Readers. And, I'm not
Geeky.( that's why I don't post to this list ).
Anyway, Below is his issue. Perhaps someone here can write and give
some directions. Even better list actual steps he can do to resolve the
issue. If not, some resources that may help him. He said he already spoke
to an IT person at our local Center for the Blind as well as the Microsoft
Accessibility Help Desk and they redirected him to a web site. This
surprised me. Though, it is frustrating at times working with the folks at
the Microsoft accessibility Help Desk ( the calls are very long ). They
never declined helping a blind customer.
So, both my friend and I will be grateful if you can help him. Look
below at his issue. Thank you in advance. Have a great day.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday, is when the issue started:
I got onto the computer and opened outlook for my g-mail. I then attempted
to go to documents so I could start working there too. I hit the "M" key and
"windows" key at the same time, but somehow I missed something. The computer
began saying "table view, table, table, table..."ad nauseum. I hit escape
and it stopped but somehow I ended up in a mode of something I have no clue
about. This meant that I could only use my left and right arrows to go
through my mail and as I found out then, and again this misses
some of the mail I needed.
A week ago, Thursday the 2nd, I got kicked off line and out of
g-mail/outlook. At that point I couldn't get back into g-mail/outlook so I
thought I would just turn it off and/or restart...nothing doing. I couldn't
turn off the computer no matter what I wouldn't shut down or even
restart for me. My wife finally came in and shut it down for me, using the
When it fired back up...everything worked fine with no issues. No more
password boxes that popped up for no reason, which I got rid of by hitting
escape and my mail was back to 'normal' and I was able to scroll through
with no issues and haven't hit a snag until yesterday morning when it
started all over again.

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PS using current jaws and W10.

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Jaws losing focus

I get this quite often, and I do windows M to focus on the desktop and alt +
tab to get back to the desired window.
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Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws losing focus

Hello list
I run Windows 10 64 bit and jaws 2019 and my PC has an I5 processor. I find
that if I have two programs running, say for instance MS Outlook and MSWord,
and When I then open a third program like Google Chrome, Jaws does not see
the info on the screen. When I use the arrow keys it just says "blank,
blank, ...". I even increased my PC memory to 8 GB in the hope it would
solve the problem but it did not. When I unload jaws and load it again, the
problem is solved but it is frustrating to have to do this every time, so I
hope someone has a solution.

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