Re: Jaws losing focus

Glenn / Lenny

I get this quite often, and I do windows M to focus on the desktop and alt +
tab to get back to the desired window.

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Hello list
I run Windows 10 64 bit and jaws 2019 and my PC has an I5 processor. I find
that if I have two programs running, say for instance MS Outlook and MSWord,
and When I then open a third program like Google Chrome, Jaws does not see
the info on the screen. When I use the arrow keys it just says "blank,
blank, ...". I even increased my PC memory to 8 GB in the hope it would
solve the problem but it did not. When I unload jaws and load it again, the
problem is solved but it is frustrating to have to do this every time, so I
hope someone has a solution.

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