Re: Asking a edge question.

Ron Kolesar

Many thanks for this tip Holly.
Who said you can't teach a old dog a new trick. SMILES.
I deeply appreciate the tip and will stress test it out.
Many thanks once again.
Ron who can earn a license to be in charge of eight people on Amateur radio but for some strange reason, I can't earn a license to drive.
Oh well. Smiles.

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From: Holly
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Hi Ron:

Just to let you know, there is a work around for getting to the edit box to
type in the recipient field on the 'send' page in PayPal, using internet

When you come to the combo box of people you have sent money to before, just
arrow down to the 'next' button. It will say 'not available', or something
like that. Then, just shift tab and you will land right in an edit box to
type in a new recipient's name or email or phone.

In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes,
From Ron U.S. Ham Radio Station KR3DOG-PA-WCECTM
Pennsylvania West County Emergency Com-Tree Manager

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