Re: Serious problems with jaws 2019.1904 and win 10?


OK good to know, Thanks Mike.

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El 10/05/2019 a las 7:41, Mike B escribió:

Hi Lev,
The sound problem you're talking about is in Windows 10 and how it removes the factory soundcard driver for some soundcards and replaces it with a generic driver when doing an operating system update.  This problem is supposed to be corrected in a cumulative update or major update for Windows 10 if it hasn't been already fixed.

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Actually, I forgot mentioning that, but some folks pointed out problems with the audio as well although I can’t tell for sure that is exactly the same problem because they didn’t go on details.

On the other hand, I don’t have a solution to your problem.


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El 10/05/2019 a las 6:52, Robert Byers escribió:

I am having a problem where I can be working away, or if I leave the computer for a while.

My volume drops to a level I can hardly hear.  The only way to fix this, is to unload jaws and restart the program.

Changing the volume in Volume control makes no difference.

Any clues? please.


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