Re: reporting a bug to FS

Dennis L

Support@... should work.

When reporting a bug include as much information as possible.  This is an example for a   bug I reported the other day.  It was able to be reproduced.

Subject was problem when saving chrome Book marks.  It is descriptive and tells exactly the issue.  Below is what I wrote.

Do the following have folders created in your book marks.

1 do “control d”  no quotes. Tab twice to more press space bar.

The first problem is you can’t edit the name you arrow left and right nothing happens.  NVDA allows you to edit the name.

Tab two times you’re on your list of folders.  Jaws says nothing when  you arrow up and down NVDA reads them.    You might ask why did you bring up another screen reader?   It shows my work and testing.  I didn’t automatically assume it was a Jaws issue I tested and verified it.   It gives Vispero a way to properly reproduce the issue.  It is detailed but not too much detail.


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Subject: [jaws-users] reporting a bug to FS


I have search the FS site and cannot find a place to report a bug. I have found it before, but not now. Can someone please tell me where to look?






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