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Rebecca Lineberger


Mike just told you to download the program from the website before I could get the below instructions out to you.  If downloading the program resolves the issue for you, then great, but if not, read the instructions below.  They come under the category, “Who knew?”

Good luck.



When I tried to install the latest JAWS update, I had a problem with Microsoft blocking the installation, but at least Microsoft was gracious enough to tell me why.  I’d downloaded the update from the Vispero website, so I got an error message instead of a computer crash.

Instead of using JAWS to bring in the update, go to the JAWS download page

Press l and arrow down once, or just tell JAWS to find the word


Press enter on the download link and tell your browser to save the program, not to run it.  I use Chrome, so it just goes into the downloads folder.

When it comes in, go to your downloads folder and find the JAWS 2019 update.

Press enter.

If, as I did, you get a friendly message from Microsoft saying that JAWS is not a Microsoft verified app, press alt-f4 and go back into the downloads folder.

This time, instead of pressing enter, press alt-enter and arrow up to


Press enter.

Tab until you land on


JAWS will tell you that the checkbox is unchecked.

Press the spacebar to check the box, and tab to okay.

Now when you press enter on the JAWS update, it will install as usual.

The Microsoft Disability Desk says that this is just something Microsoft does, on a totally random basis.

I told Vispero about the fix, since their techs had not yet encountered this delightful glitch.

If your issue is different from the above, call Vispero and let the techs help.

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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS locking up on update


I have just now tried to update JAWS 2019 with the automatic update using Windows 10. Says it's downloading and then locks up my computer on the install screen, which reads empty. I can't do anything with the computer, leave the window, close it or even restart or shut down my computer without going to power and selecting restart anyway after getting a message that the update is blocking my restart.


The update went very well on my Windows 7 computer, so what could be causing this and how can I update JAWS without locking the computer?





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