Re: Chrome problem with moving Bookmarks

Van Lant, Robin

Good to know.  I do not have very many folders yet in Chrome, so I did not see that limitation. 



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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Chrome problem with moving Bookmarks


Robin the only problem with the first method it doesn’t show all folders.  The second method needs work that is what you need to use if you have a lot of folders. 


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I may not be on the latest version of Chrome, but I am running the latest release of JAWS and here are two ways indicate the folder. 


When you first press Control  D, you land in the field to label the bookmark as you want it. If you tab once, you land on a bookmarks folder button.  Hit space on this button and then you can arrow up and down a list of the folders.  This is reading just fine for me with JAWS and it seems to list all folders.  You must hit the space bar on the button first.  If you down arrow, you end up wit the  same interface as I note next.  


If you tab twice from the initial bookmark name field, you land on the More button.  Hit enter or space on  it and it opens a new dialog, which starts with the field to name your bookmark, the second field is the URL and then you land in a tree view of the folders.  You are right that it’s not voicing as you arrow, but I am finding that JAWS key up arrow reads the current folder name.  It’s a tree view, so pressing the right arrow on a folder you know has subfolders will open it and then use the JAWS key up arrow to read the current folder. 


I do not see a reason to use the More button unless you want to add a new folder or tweak the URL.   Just name your bookmark, tab once and hit space, then arrow do the folder you want and hit enter. Easy peazy, as my kids say.


Using Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103






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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Chrome problem with moving Bookmarks


Here are exact steps to reproduce the issue.

1 have  folders created in your book marks.


2 find a page to book mark  for testing purposes I’m using this.

3 open the article and press control “D” without the quotes.

4 tab to more button try to arrow up and down through your folders or press letter Navigation this doesn’t work.  I also tried going to   Bookmark folder button menu pressed space and  went to choose another folder and got the same result.  Jaws 2019 latest build. 




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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Chrome problem with moving Bookmarks


I had that problem too, I could not find the bookmark.


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You can’t tell it where to save a book mark with Jaws.  You go to choose another folder after doing control d this dialog doesn’t read or let you select another folder.  If this is a Jaws or chrome issue I don’t know.  Its someone’s issue and needs fixed.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Chrome problem with moving Bookmarks


I imported my Favorites from IE to Chrome. Everything imported fine. My favorites folder contains multiple folders with my bookmarks.


I saved a new bookmark on Chrome and it went into a folder in my imported IE Favorites folder which I did not want it to go into. I want to get it out of there and place it in the correct location.


How can I move it out of the current folder and into the correct one?


I am using the updated version of Chrome and JAWS 2019.






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