Re: Assessing the Health of a Hard Drive

JM Casey



I am pretty sure chkdsk in windows will assess and try to fix the mbr and other records on the drive.

Use the command line switch /f.


There are other utilities that can assess the health of your drive in various ways. I am trying to remember which one the fellow who built my computer used recently, but it seemed usable with JFW.

Definitely try running chkdsk from command line with parameter /f though


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Subject: [jaws-users] Assessing the Health of a Hard Drive


I may have a hard drive with failing health. In particular, it's possible that my FAT or MBR is/are corrupted. Is there a JAWS-friendly program out there that will run diagnostics on a hard drive, doing read/write operations and other tasks to arrive at an assessment of the overall health?

Oregonian, etc. etc.

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