1. No god-MODing. In other words, don't speak for or move another player's character, don't kill another player's character without talking it over off list first, and don't attempt to take full control of the game. LOL!
2. If you have a problem, please write the owners or involved players, or both off list. Other uninvolved players don't want to read such troubles on the list.
3. Have the owners ok it before you claim a character. email us. We're friendly enough for Chosen. 
Emails:  Semirhage at severus13@gmail.com Ishamael at ishamael13@gmail.com or Michael aka Fain at shadowworld13@yahoo.com 
We should respond within a few days. If we don't, feel free to bug us again as yahoo sometimes gets hungry enough to eat messages.
4. You can play as many characters as you can keep up with, but by all means keep up!
5. Please post at least once a week. If you cannot, please contact MODS about that. Your characters will be subject to being moved or temped in such a case that they're holding up plot. Made up characters will be removed from files if you unsubscribe as we do not play other people's made up characters.
6. If you directly go against a group owner's request, you will be warned once in case of misunderstanding, and then if you still refuse to do as you're asked you will be removed. We are fair, and attempt to talk out all problems off list if there are any. However once we've made a decision, we will not be argued with. The game should be fun and no one has fun when a problem is dragged out for too long. Game decisions are made for the good of the game, not for one person's preferences. Going against a moderator's request can cause unwanted disruption for the entire game and this will not be allowed. This has never been a problem, but we feel it best to point out any potential problems to keep them from happening.
7. Have fun and let the lord of Chaos rule!

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