The events in this group take place after Knife of Dreams. Semirhage had been captured but is now free again to roam the world. Moridin had finally lost his position as a Nae'blis, and is in captivity with a woman he loves, who happens to be Nynaeve.

The Great Lord wants the other Chosen to release his favorite servant. In the meantime, Aginor, who has returned with a new body, Aran'gar, Semirhage and Demandred (who has become the regent of the Great Lord) have a little project of their own, that might bring about their freedom from a long lasting bond, or put them in eternal captivity.
The Last Battle has finally come upon all the sides and everything might yet fall under the Darkest Will.

The lions sing and the hills take flight,
The moon by day and the sun by night,
Blind woman, deaf man, jackdaw, fool,
Let the Lord of Chaos rule!
Our Xmas songs(for entertainment purposes)

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