ANNOUNCE: NewsML-G2 2.28 now available

Brendan Quinn

Hi all,


We are happy to announce that the updated version 2.28 of NewsML-G2 is available as Developer Release.


The XML Schemas, the corresponding documentation, and example files are updated to 2.28.


Packages of version 2.28 files can be downloaded:

  • All XML Schemas  plus full documentation (about 60 MB) from
  • The same without XML Schema documentation in HTML (about 3 MB) from   


Find the newsml-g2 repository on GitHub tagged as a release:


All of the changes made in version 2.28 and earlier versions can be found on this page:


The updated NewsML-G2 Implementation Guidelines are available as a web document now at . They have recently been updated to 2.27 and will soon be updated to 2.28.


In summary the changes are:

  • Add new element derivedFromValue. Previously we could say that elements were derived from a concept using the derivedFrom element. But if a system creates a new property based on another existing property, such as a slugline, there was no way of representing it.
  • Add a new element metadataCreator to itemMeta. This allows us to represent NewsML-G2 items that have had metadata created by a third-party person or system, without having to specify the creator on each metadata property individually.


Also, a reminder of an important decision taken for version 2.25 and applying also to version 2.27: the Core Conformance Level will not be developed any further as all recent Change Requests were in fact aiming at features of the Power Conformance Level, changes of the Core Level were only a side effect. The Core Conformance Level specifications of version 2.24 will stay available and valid, find them at 


Please share questions regarding NewsML-G2 on this discussion group.


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