Replacement part for OEM Fuel Pump?


I'm replacing my 1990 PC fuel filter now and, while I have it all apart, I want to replace the fuel pump too even if it tests good.
Of course the PC-specific OEM pump (16710-MR5-005) is no longer available so does anyone know another OEM Honda pump that fits the PC? Thanks all!


Actually if you go onto ebay and type in honda pc800, you will find all kinds of parts there including a new fuel pump.....but this is what i think, keep the one you have on your bike til it acts up then replace it, but in the mean time, doesnt hurt to have a spare one around just in case...


Thanks Richard. I saw the Quantum HFP-181 aftermarket fuel pump but I was hoping there was a compatible Honda OEM for another bike that was available and would fit the PC.
If not then, like you said order the Quantum as a spare and keep on truckin for now.


Gary Mick

I have a good used OEM pump if you're interested w/ filter and line between.  From my 96 red bike that just "died by deer".

Loveland, CO