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Here, you may openly speak your mind about iOptron products and service.

A message from the new owner:

Do NOT expect uplifting and positive comments only about everything the company has ever done. We do NOT use strict moderation or banning of those who criticism of the products, customer service,  manuals or management. If that is what you wish to read then perhaps you have come to the wrong place. There are other groups for that.

Here, we are here to speak freely about any and all experiences with iOptron. If the company has done something good then we will mention it. Although, at times it may seem that we are a bit reticent about doing so. The reason is that their past track record has been less than "stellar". (Sorry! LOL) The list of flawed products, variable customer service, unfinished software and firmware, poorly written documentation, haughty and combative management attitudes are all things that we and many others have experienced in the past. At first, the company was thin-skinned and unwilling to accept criticism. Even if it was constructive in nature and meant to help them. The original Yahoo! group even terminated and banned very good people whom without, they may never have achieved the success that they have realized.

Credit be due, iOpton does seem to have significantly improved upon such concerns. Regardless, if you do have issues with any product, resolved or not, then you may post them here with no fear of repercussions.

The competition for Celestron and Meade was desperately needed as it could only benefit the Amateur Astronomy community. Fortunately, for us all, iOptron has succeeded very well. They have grown far beyond what anyone imagined at first. We sincerely wish for them to continue to grow and be a quality manufacturer for as long as the Universe exists.

All are welcome here and YOUR opinion, good or bad, is always of great value.

Clear skies to all.

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