Re: Timeout when trying to append a big/long message into a mailbox


After posting, I thought about the backports.ssl hint. I just tried with imapclient current master (1a099f3), and it is working fine indeed. (I thought for a while that is was not working neither, but I realized when writing down the message that I was sending 9Mo and not 1Mo with my command ('Test test' * 10⁸ length is definitely not 1 * 10⁸) with a 30s timeout. Using some an asymmetrical connection with 1mbps of upload, it makes sense.) Re-installing imapclient from pypi (so the 1.0.2 release), the problem is occurring again. I don't know what it is really happening, but if imapclient 2.0.0 can solve the problem, it is enough for me indeed.

I strongly +1 your argument about settings two different timeouts time. When setting up credentials, I am using a different timeout for just tesing the connection (EHLO/LOGIN/EXIT), but I would feel more reliable if the connection timeout was clearly separated from the read/write operations one!

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