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We communicate with each other all the time via a connection that is often indefinable.   


What does it mean to communicate and how do we do it? 


The dictionary defines communication as the process of sharing thoughts, ideas, information and feelings with others through spoken dialogue, written word, and body language.  The goal of communication generally includes some objective outcome – changing a behavior, finding common ground from which to take action or find camaraderie and gathering information – as examples.


Effective communication is sometimes elusive.   There are subtle and often indefinable undercurrents that connect us to each other and influence how we send, receive and perceive.  

In series 3 we will continue to explore communication as it relates directly to our interactions with our horses.   In every interaction we are communicating things with and to our horses and they are communicating with us.  The more that dialogue goes both ways the better our horses like it and the more they are willing to offer up spontaneously, of their own free will.  These kinds of interactions cause me to rethink the whole notion of training horses - it's simply not necessary when we can just have a conversation with each other.


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