Who wants to compare PCB'S

Steve W3AHL

Or you can download the Service Manual combined updates and look at the PCB artwork, parts list and schematics.   Photos won't show you much.

Steve, W3AHL


I have looked at the boards and without a very good magnifying glass you might have a problem.
Compare the schematics and then look to see what is different. What is on the schematic is more important.
If your concern is the driver board the manual has a very good drawing of the two boards and you could tell the difference more easily along with comparing the schematic to see if there is an electrical difference and a mechanical difference. 
I have replaced a few driver transistors and I think that they have all been in later units. At least one blew out when I accidentally pushed the tune button and the tuner started switching, but unfortunately there was no antenna attached (my mistake). A pop and the magic smoke escaped.

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 12:36 AM Paul <pg321@...> wrote:
Service Manual combined updates ? never heard of it or seen it , got a link .

I'll disagree on the pictures though , i'm good at looking at what has changed in the relevant areas , self explanatory imo .


J.D. Barron

Steve W3AHL

Google for: icom ic-7000 service manual addendum   It's availailable in mods.dk.   It is 307 pages and consists of the original 2005 service manual and then four updates for 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I know changes were made after 2010, but am not aware of publicly available iniformation on them, other than the 60M band change TSB in 2012.  I have never checked if all PCB artwork revisions are covered and I don't have a complete list from the radios I've worked on anyway.

I agree with J.D.'s response.  Pictures provide no understanding of the changes you might see in the photo's.  And some of the important changes are in the PCB artwork that improve grounding, reroute signals to reduce coupling, etc.  Many changes aren't functional, but were needed to source alternate parts when the orignal components were end of lifed.  Some changes in schematics and block diagrams simply corrected errors in the document, not changed the design.

If you are hoping to find changes that will fix a specific problem you believe exists in your radio, don't get you hopes up.  Some problems are in the firmware, which Icom hasn't changed and can't be field updated anyway.

Steve, W3AHL


If you look at the manual PCB layouts for the versions you are interested in you can tell more than the pictures will tell you. The schematic is fairly clear and the pictures of both sides would be informative. 
If you will only be satisfied with pictures and choose to degenerate those who are trying to help you then you are on your own.
I have spent a good bit of time working on these radios and it takes a really good magnifying glass and light and sometimes a USB "microscope" camera  attached to said magnifying glass. 
I can assure you that it is far easier to understand the circuit from the schematic if you understand these things and there is a great deal that is difficult enough to figure out even on the schematic and tracing the circuit visually without reference to the board layouts would be impossible for me, but with your supreme abilities I guess you can see through the components and on both sides of the board with a good picture to blow up.
Now you are on your own as far as I am concerned.


Short answer Paul, Don't use 73 when you don;t mean it and don't expect anyone to help when you go out of your way to be rude.
I am sorry I tried to help you, but it won't happen again.


Mark Brueggemann

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, 3:06:11 PM MDT, J.D. Barron <jeter.d.barron@gmail.com> wrote:

If you look at the manual PCB layouts for the versions you are interested in you can tell more than the pictures will tell you.
Not the least of which is any differences in inner layers.  Often the bottom layer and areas of the top layer are chassis ground or groundplane and may not change at all or very little across revisions, but unless you've got x-ray vision you'll never be able to discern artwork changes to inner layers or buried/blind via's. 

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM


Having been a ham since 1963 and never a CB'er of course I resent your aspersions as well as your rudeness.
73 has a meaning that escapes you, evidently. 
I have owned 3 IC-7000s and bought each as a basket case and repaired each one. 
I no longer have one as I moved to the IC-7300.
I have been working on electronics since I was a kid and certified on 5 level circuit boards and hels chief inspector FAA radioman certificated as well as Amateur Extra and First Class Radiotelephone license since I was 17 years old.
Several here have tired to help you, but you seem to be immune from accepting good advice with any grace whatever.
I doubt anyone else will take the time to help you with this issue. 
I am well aware that this response is a wasted effort to try to get you to at least be graceful when someone offers to help you from a more experienced point of view
Instead of examining a photo of the boards (which someone would have to disassemble their radio to gain access to the driver board you are interested in) you should be better served in spending time examining your own attitude. 
I have spent time trying to help others on this board delving into the parts of the circuits I have worked in and those that I understand pretty well. I doubt many, if any, people knowledgeable about repairing the IC-7000 will be willing to be abused by you just to help out.
My suggestion now is that you sell the IC-7000 and buy yourself a nice CB radio with a warranty. 


Good luck with trying to get someone to help you at this point.


Will you two take your dummy spit somewhere else, email privately each other and go for it, leaving our forum alone for more mature matters.

Thank you,

On Mon, 15 Jun. 2020, 23:07 Paul, <pg321@...> wrote:
On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 10:39 PM, J.D. Barron wrote:
Short answer Paul, Don't use 73 when you don;t mean it and don't expect anyone to help when you go out of your way to be rude.
I am sorry I tried to help you, but it won't happen again.

Cb talk again , and there you go again telling someone on what they can do or "not" do , also i'm not going out of my way so lets just say your lucky you have met me in Real life then you would find out just what I'd be like if i really "went out of my way" .
Please again and i've already asked once , depart this thread , you are Useless here , 73 Paul .