Then IC-746PROII for Friedrichshafen, June 25th

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

OK, today it is the day then, we will not have it here the IC-7000
untill fall, waiting for certification.

It may be silly of me to make a final guess some 10 hours before ICOM
makes the official announcement.

Regarding price, it is not so difficult to guess, it will be clear
under the IC-746 price LESS a good ATU. I would guess again a price
in the range of 1.100 USD in large USA Inet shops.

Then comes the final advice I got yesterday from an independant
service man: "get a new IC-706 at these close out prices, I am
getting one". He believes Xtal filter is less noisy, simpler, and it
is a very mature rig. Really I just miss in 706 the IF BW control I
got on my new IC-7400 (746PRO).

So OK, if you have 3 706's you may sell one.. but if you have only
one, and you are happy with it, keep it. They do not visit service
very often.

Here after the former "special price" 706's were sold immediately a
new lot is being distributed. As the new ICOM IF DSP does not require
Xtal filters, I guess the last 706 units will have a nice price and
some added options included. This could be RMK, filter, PSU ... keep
eyes open and talk with your dealer. And 706 it is the highest seller
rig ever.

I am getting a 706, same as the service man I talk to. I know this
will not be a "ultimate top rig", but my latest toy. I will think in
october what will I do with the IC-7000, maybe I wait for a while
untill it is mature.

I hope to see it soon at Friedrichshafen in June 24/26, but still it
is not type aproved..

And IC-7000 it is a mobile, almost bottom of ICOM line, so dont
expect it to be better than IC-7800. Again a mobile it is not a
portable... neither a base rig, even if it can almost do. But I am
sure my wife will ask me to remove the Collins 32S3/51S3C and replace
it with the cute IC-7000, I am not sure I will do.

The advantage of being in this group, is that we will have a few
hours/days to decide to buy/sell a 706, according to the info today..
And in the meantime we have enjoyed the guessing game.