The IC-7000 and PC Gaming Earphoneas with Mic


GM dr OMs, I have searched the Group but was not able to find an answer to the questions:
Has somebody here ever used a PC Gaming Headphones Microphone with the IC-7000 ?
Did somebody use an Audio Bluetooth Interface (RX and TX) with the IC-7000 ?

I have a PC Gaming Headphone with Mic, really a good one very comfortable, and would like to use it on /P in order to have hands free. I would use Footswitch PTT or Vox.
I used the headphones to ear, and they're very good.
Did not connect the Mic yet, as I saw an Intetface for such kind of boom headsets published by G8JNJ in 2009,  but in that circuit it used an electret Microphone.
I am not sure what kind of mike my headphone uses, I guess it is a dinamic microphone, not an electret one. Sorrily I did not get a valid answer from the seller about the mic type.
Any Idea about how to use a dinamic mike with the IC-7000 ? I guess that insulation is necessary, so I may add capacitors in the interface, say 0.2 uF and eventually test a value in the range 1uF to 0.1uF until I find a right value.

Another issue of the same question: I also have Bluetooth remote headphones with mike; I would like to use it.
An Interface by Frank K7SFN, published years ago, uses a Jabra A-210 Bluetooth TRX Interface: nowadays it's out of production and not to find anymore.
I tried to find a similar device, but the only one was not very cheap (not at all!) and anyway it required hand TX-RX switching! Other very cheap available as Audio / PC accessories, but hand switching and/or RX or TX only, switchable; but not Full-Duplex as it should be. Something like the USB devices that I use for Skype, really full duplex, seems not to exist as an audio in/out interface.
Thus, the questions: Who knows a suitable device type? Info on Brand and Type, and how to order required, please.
Then, 2nd question: How interface the audio Out from this to the IC-7000 ? Somebody has some experience on this matter to share with us ?

Many many thanks! 73 de Augusto I2JJR / HB9TZA