RIGblaster PnP


Hi all. I’m trying to setup my 7000 with a RIGblaster PnP. Got the rig control working fine but am having issues with the sound. I’m using an HP G72 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Fldigi sees the mic but doesn’t see the output which is the headphone jack. I have a set of Sony headphones plugged into the  speaker/ headphone jack on the PnP. Headphones are 60 ohm impedance. I hear the PC audio fine. Any ideas? Thanks!


What audio input are you using on the IC7000?
I assume you are using the 6 pin Mini Din on the rear.
Did you buy a pre-made cable from the RIGblaster to the radio?
When the PTT on the back is made the rear mike connector is disconnected and the data (audio) in is connected into the radio.
The output stays line level regardless of the front volume control.
If you are using the 13 pin plug other situations apply and there is a separate PTT for HF and VHF.
I suggest the 6 pin plug being used.


J.D. and group,

I sit here scraping egg off my face, as this whole issue was easily resolved once I slept on it. The problem was that I was using a laptop with two profiles. The one I was using for this project was not seeing any  recording devices when I took a look at sound management in control panel. Rig control was working fine.

I logged out of that profile, logged into the other one. Checked the sound manager. Lo and behold, there was the MIC input! Hooked everything up, launched FLdigi, and everything was working like store-bought!

I’ve been dealing with computers for many years and can honestly say I’ve never run into this particular kink before.

Like the old bromide says, you learn something new every day, and on a good day it doesn’t leave a mark!

All the best,
Ken Campbell