Purchased a MIc lead lately?

Steve Murphy


Try Kenwood mic cords. For the V71, for example. Same pinout as ICOM and high quality.

I use one on my 7000.


Aug 12, 2020 9:03:31 AM Paul <pg321@...>:

The mic lead i have is terrible , its hard plastic type and when cold its even harder , about as springy as a rat trap imo , dunno if its stock or how old .

Anyone purchased a rj45 to rj45 curly coil lead lately? , there is plenty on the bay ranging from cheap to cheapish but i could just be getting the same one ! , and no not interested the that "heavy duty" one listed , this one i have might be it imo .

I'm after the old school quality type that were nice and pliable back in the day .
cheers Paul 

Scott Honaker

I got a replacement directly from Icom parts when mine finally cracked in the cold. I mentioned the issue and interestingly the replacement was clearly a different material.  The new one is perfect.

Scott N7SS

Marty - N6PRX

I got suckered when I bought the Icom factory direct replacement at ~$30 total. Though it did work as a replacement it was not the same as the original.  The mic line is not shielded, and was exactly the same as one of the cheap ones I got from Ebay first.  The only cable I found that has the shielded mic line is made by Opek, which I got later.  It is reasonably pliable.   It is a bit more work to attach an RJ45 to the ends due to the shield but worth the effort. 

YMMV - 73