i have a ic 7000 that will not turn on, using a 30amp PS, I push the power button can hear it click then another click .......nothing. any suggestions?
Thank you de w3les


The problem is probably the 8 volt regulator 
Look here.
Mine was a problem with one of my front panels, a bad 5 volt regulator or cap.
This will get you started

James Ray, Sr.

Have you checked the fuse in the the control head or main chassis? Anyway it is in one of them where they split.

73 de KF7SLM Jim


There is a fuse behind the front panel on the radio, but I doubt that this your problem.
The processor in the front panel looks for voltage withing X seconds of the power on button being pushed.
The power fro the front panel comes from a 8 volt regulator on the main board in the radio.
If the front panel processor does not get the power in time (dead 8 volt regulator for example) it turns off the relay.
So one click when the relay pulls in and the second one a fraction of a second later when the processor drops out the relay due to on voltage.
Good luck with your radio.