not too bad for a MOBILE

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

Again... the IC-7000 it is "just" the new ICOM MOBILE, (not even
portable it is a MOBILE rig. Mind the low voltage function) it has a
reasonable CW implementation, memory keyer, autocontest number and Full
break in. Enought for a MOBILE rig.

It has no autotuner. The Kenwood 480 has, but it is larger.

Well... end of the guessing, a nice 706 with IF-DSP. No more, no less.

Ah! and some terrestrial VHF TV reception.

Now a nice price (it costs ICOM less to produce it than a 706), and it
is a winner.

Of course for base station Icom has other rigs. I have the IC-725 & IC-

Javier EA4CWY

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No Code in the Icom IC-7000 means that I am not interested in the rig.
Period. The only mode I work on HF is CW, with occasional forays
into two meters FM. Good thing I bought my pair of Icom ic706mkiig
transceivers while they were/are still supported. I am thinking of
immigrating to Israel (when my health improves) and am setting up an
amateur station to work in Israel, with 230 VAC through an Israeli
Plug to an Alinco dm330mv power supply, easily switched from 117 VAC
to 230 VAC. I have the choice of an Icom AT-180 coax antenna tuner,
and an Icom AH-4 longwire antenna tuner.

To make this post relevant, does the Icom ic7000 have a built-in tuner
or do you have to buy one such as the Icom AT-180 if you want an
automatic tuner?