No output power for FT8

V Zecchinelli

Good Morning,
I currently am trying to set up my Icom 7000 for FT8.
My setup is:
-PC (Win 10)(WSJT-X) - to Signalink USB - to Icom 7000 via ACC port - to Watt Meter - to 50 ohm Dummy Load
-WSJT-X radio set to NONE and PTT=VOX - Mic set to USB Codec and speaker set to default system speaker (WSJT-X receive works fine) - power slider is set to Max however I have also tried other levels.
-This setup is receiving beautifully
-When I press TUNE in WSJT-X Signalink clicks and Icom 7000 goes into TX Mode with Red LED TX light on.
     -Watt meter indicates 0 watts out when Icom 7000 is in TX mode as above
     -With a speaker connected to MON on Signalink I hear tone from WSJT-X TUNE button
If Icom 7000 is in TX Mode and tone is getting to Signalink whay am I not getting any power out?  Must be a radio setting I can't figure out.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions.

73 Vince N1VIN