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On Wed, 2005-16-02 at 07:41 -0500, Keith LaBorde - K4KAL wrote:
I have a Digital Voice Recorder that can hold 4 hours on the visor. So I
just push the record button and start talking.
Then later, I go back and update the log and send out QSL Cards.
I also use a DVR for logging mobile contacts, but I don't record
everything. I make a recording at the start of the QSO with callsign,
frequency, signal reports, and anything else I want to mention. I make
another recording at the end of the QSO. This works well for me since my
DVR timestamps recordings. I have the clock set to UTC, of course.


I am planning on getting a digital voice recorder. The three hour version
is only about $20 or so and the 6 hour just a little more (IIRC). In the
meantime, I have a digital camera. I am setting up a little stand so the
camera points to the clock and radio. Since it can record motion video and
sound, I'll be using it when running counties on the county hunters net.
The memory I have only allows about an hour of recording which will be in
Quicktime format, but together with the clock, it will make transcribing the
calls to the log much easier. I can even post a run on the internet so the
county chasers can see what they sound like from the mobile's point of view.

My camera will mark the date on the still pictures, but the time can't be

What other tricks are being used to log mobile QSOs?