IC 7000 tune button

Ronald Baran

Howdy All,

Is there a way to disable the tune button on the IC 7000?  

Station configuration: IC 7K  > KPA 500 > LDG AT1000 Pro II tuner > 2 element SteppIR

My fat fingers occasionally bump the tuner while the amplifier is on line thereby pumping a few hundred watts into a tuner that recommends nothing over 25 watts for tuning.  I managed to fry the LDG.  

If not electrical then perhaps some sort of cover or way to remove the button. Comments - keep em clean.

Ron W9XS


Hi Ron,

If I remember correctly, if you do not have anything plugged into the remote antenna connector (the plastic Molex on the radio), the “tune” button does not work. Give it a try.

GL & 73,