IC-7000 Mods and other thoughts

Keith Kaiser

I’ve had my 7000 since 2008 and am still very happy with it. Near as I can tell its still ahead of its time on so many levels. Even Icom’s own, newer equipment has a hard time keeping up with everything in the 7000.

But one thing I would love to add would be the 220MHz band. Has anyone done a modification for this? I’ve Googled for 30+ minutes and not found anything definitive but thought I would ask this group as well.

I’d like to hear how others have programmed there machine too. I don’t mean using Chirp or other application. I mean what kind of scheme did you come up with for using the various way memories can be assigned. Do you group by band, or by location, do you use call signs for repeaters or frequencies? Do you mix HF and VHF/UHF or keep them completely separate? 

Anything you can send will be interesting for me to read.


Keith, WA0̷TJT

Bob <bobsayers2000@...>

Perhaps if I could add to Keith's posting a similar request for anyone who has managed a mod for the UK 4m (70MHz) band?

Bob, G8IYK