[IC-7000] IC7000 Tuning Locked up

Brian (N2MLP)

Do memories work?

Sounds like encoder failure




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I was tuning across 20 the other day and all of a sudden the freq just locked up.
I tryed the other bands and the same problem. I first checked the Lock button to make sure I didn't hit it by mistake but No. So I tried a complete reset of the CPU. I got an "All Clear" message but the issue was still there. No matter what I do I can't clear it. The receiver is working but I can't change freq. When I try the last 2 digits of the freq change but return the where they were. No change. After the reset the readout on 20 is 14,100.49.
Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it or do I have to send it to Paul??

Tnx 73



I don't know since I did the reset all of the mem were cleared out. So there is nothing to check it on.