[IC-7000] Front panel troubleshooting

Robert Spencer

I never got into that part of the radio but did have one issue with the screen.  I had one of mine that the video kept going blank.  I sent it back to Icom under warranty but they never found the problem.  They sent it back and it did it again.  I went into it myself and found one of the ribbon cables from the PA board had the foil separated and pushed back so it was not a solid connection.  I called Dan at Icom and asked him to send a set of new ribbon cables for the entire radio.  Since I changed them over 10 years ago, it has never failed in any way.  The second on I bought had a ferrite to open and affected the CI-V port.

I don't know what all your problems are but I hole this may help.


On Friday, September 8, 2017 8:12 AM, "allgyer@... [ic7000]" wrote:

I am working on a "hangar queen" IC-7000 with multiple problems. I am wondering if others who have been deep inside the 7K have noted this issue:

While the Service Manual a connection of both YGND and GND to the board foil on the Display Board, there is no such connection in my unit. The ground return for the entire front panel is via the shield on the video cable. There is no ground continuity between the Main Unit and the Display Unit unless the video cable is connected. One result of this is the unit cannot be turned on without the video cable plugged into the Main Unit.

This is perhaps a fault in my unit but I have painstakingly traced the lands on both sides of the Display Unit and I find no connection between the two grounds as indicated on the schematic.

Is this a known issue/feature or is this perhaps a symptom of my problem(s).

Problems at the moment are a display that remains in black, intermittently displaying unlocked video.

Warren Allgyer - WA8TOD